Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Carol Bartz @ TechCrunch Disrupt: MG Siegler's decription is stupid

sMG Siegler's description of Carol Bartz's chat with Michael Arrington at TechCrunch Disrupt is stupid to say the least.
Carol Bartz To Michael Arrington: “F*ck Off!”

Seems that either Seigler did not listen to the chat or did not comprehend it (other than the expletive). This is not just an issue with Siegler but others who are more interested in the F word from Carol. Wished that they reported something more substantial.

Even for some one who is not very fond of Carol, the chat had many more interesting headlines than the F word. As for Carol she just seems to be playing to the galleries and the likes of Mr Seigler.

My key takeaways from the chat
  1. The pruning of the portfolio is near complete.
  2. While Yahoo! techies are working on cool stuff .... financial health is important in the interim.
  3. Collaborate rather than build to improve the offering.
  4. Carol Bartz has given herself more time to come up with the cool stuff. ( Reference to Steve Job taking 7 years to deliver on the success of the iPod is an indicator). Whether she will be late by then is for all of us to see

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