Sunday, May 1, 2011

Availability of iPad2 in India is not a big issue

This is a follow up on the retail check I did yesterday, 30-Apr-11. Based on my discussions with the mutliple salesperson across the Apple iStores, the next stock of iPad2 is expected to be reaching the stores by by Fri or Sat.  however those who are keen to buy the iPad2, options are available.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

A lukewarm response to iPad2 in India

In stark response to the first iPad launch in India the launch of the iPad2 has been a success by local standards, but a very poor response when compared to the response the iPad is used to other global markets. Compared to the reception the iPad1 got in India, iPad2 has got a very good response, but on an absolute level the response can at best be described at lukewarm. This how I felt after the retail check on the iPad2.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Retail check to see how Apple iPad2 will fare in India

The biggest gripe that customers had against Apple in India was that it was selling an old product i.e. the iPad at a premium and hence was not doing well. Now that Apple has launched a new product i.e. the iPad2 at a premium price, it would be interesting to see how it fares in India. The launch on 29-Apr-11 will surely create a buzz in the Indian consumer electronics market.

I look forward to doing a retail check this weekend to check out the reception that the iPad2 gets in India. I would be talking to salespersons and fellow browsers at the stores selling the iPad2

The initial response that I have received over multiple phone calls in the retail channel is that a lot of buzz is expected, but still no one is confident about the sales. Lets see how it goes.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Cooking at Apple: Global Marcom VP Allison Johnson Leaving

Steve Job's direct reports seem to be sorely feeling the impact of his medical leave of absence. The departure of Bertrand Serlet, Senior VP of Mac® Software Engineering, followed by the news around the departure of Allison Johnson, Global Marcom VP appears to be an impact of his absence which could give this message to the direct reports of Steve.
Self-align to the emerging power centers or exit Apple
 Imagine calls to Steve being responded with an air of inevitability of the change. What if the inevitability met with a strong resistance, which could not  be sustained. Any failed resistance leaves only a single option for the resistors. It could seems that two of Steve's direct reports have taken the way out.

If this is what it is, isn't it interesting.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Story: Bertrand Serlet leaves Apple

The official story on Bertrand Serlet leaving Apple  talks about Serlet's desire to focus less on products and more on science.

However, it would be interesting to visualize a scene where Serlet calls up Steve Job, while  Job's is away on medical leave of absence. Imagine Serlet informing Job's that he intends to focus less on products and more on science. Job's is shocked, and feels angry at Serlet. Job's doesn't show it and reacts calmly in an even voice. He offers Serlet a raise, a generous triple percent point increase with the added sweetener of stock options. This is the best Job's can do. Job's knows what cooking inside Serlet. He made the offer, but he know that Serlet would not stay. This cold and short call would make make it final. The issue had been finally laid to rest.

Amazing! won't it be, if it turned out to be true.