Sunday, November 22, 2009

First blog published using Chrome OS: An Aw Snap Experience

It was an exciting feeling as we logged into the Chrome OS

The first experience with the Chrome OS was not too great thanks to the numerous Aw Snap. This in contrast to the raving reviews we have read about the Chrome OS

While we would like to believe that this is the first blog published using the Chrome OS, we would not be surprised if some one else has already done so.

While we are still trying it out, we must confess it reminds us of the mainframes that we have worked on. Type an alphabet wait for the alphabet to appear and then type one.

As a compromise the blog was written in Google docs in an Windows XP environment and saved. At the time of publishing Google docs were accessed via the Chrome OS and the text pasted.

You can blame this on our computer which runs the Windows XP( We never wanted to spend money on the Vista and are not sure if Windows 7 does something which the trusted XP cant), but we never came close to the less than 7 seconds to boot kind of experience claimed by Google.

Shudder to think when the world is using the Chrome OS and the internet bandwidth is not too great.

We maintain that while the Chrome OS is interesting, it is limited in its current form and needs some real before it can meet the computing needs of a user accustomed to Windows XP (not the Vista) and Mac experience.

Thanks to Techcrunch for sharing with us the steps to install the Chrome OS. Thanks to GDGT for providing us with a working version of the Chrome OS.

Update:  Chrome OS: Multimedia entertainment disappoints

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