Sunday, May 1, 2011

Availability of iPad2 in India is not a big issue

This is a follow up on the retail check I did yesterday, 30-Apr-11. Based on my discussions with the mutliple salesperson across the Apple iStores, the next stock of iPad2 is expected to be reaching the stores by by Fri or Sat.  however those who are keen to buy the iPad2, options are available.

Based on my conversations with multiple salespersons across various Apple stores (iStores)
  • Apple stores sold out on Friday (29-April)
  • Salespersons at the iStores are aware that iPad's are still available in mutli-brand retail stores. While they wont say anything openly they will provide hints as to where one could find an iPad2 
  • The Apple stores are expecting to receive the next stock on Fri or Sat of this week. 
  • The Apple stores are sort of pre-booking iPad2, one could give them your phone nuber and they will give you a call as soon as stock is received. 
  • The much talked about iPad Smart Cover has not yet been received by any of the iStores
One salesperson in an Apple Store tole me that, 28 iPad2 were received on 29-April and they  got sold out in a few hours. While they sold out in a few hours, he confirmed there were surely no queues outside the store.

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