Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chrome OS: Multimedia entertainment disappoints

This is in continuation of my earlier post exploring the Chrome OS. While my earlier post focused on just using the browser., this post focuses on the multimedia experience the Chrome OS could provide us.

What struck me first that the Chrome OS in its current form has not been designed for the non-US user. Hula and Pandora are unavailable to users outside the US. One could have hoped the Google veep in-charge of product management (non-US ethnicity) would realized this simple thing.

Lala is available but then it would interest a very limited non-US audience.

The only multimedia entertainment option available to the non-US users is youtube. But after watching a video on youtube one no longer cares about the multimedia entertainment options. Despite the 2MBPS broadband internet one is reminded of the dialup connections we used not so long ago (5 years ago is not so long ago), that how bad the OS is on the virtual box.

While this is not a beta, guess Google could have been more creative with the entertainments options on offer.

Before I forget, what happens to the few GB's of music on our hard disk.

So long, till the next round of exploration.

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