Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Redliner and the enterprise user

Finally I got around to checking out Redliner.

Redliner accelerates document collaboration and approval for:small law firms and solo practitioners;SMBs;PR professionals;newspaper, magazine and book editors; freelance writers

I am wondering if the target audience as defined by Redliner really needs such a collaborative tool and does Redliner satisfy that need

Some of my observations on the currently available technical preview with a limited preview set

  1. The interface is not very elegant and intuitive
  2. It supports text only docs. It did not see any support for charts, tables, exhibits, images. Am wondering how technical editor would use this without support of such features.
  3. Organizations would see a lot of collaboration taking place when making a presentation. It would be nice to support for ppts.
  4. How can one not talk about spreadsheets. One needs to collaborate on each cell. Wich there was a good collaboration tool.
Conceptually, Redliner is a fine start .... but then it needs to take it to the next level when it really is a productivity tool and then differentiate itself from many similar products.

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