Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PowerPoint Twitter tool: SAP has been busy with Enterprise 2.0

It’s funny to hear that SAP launched a free PowerPoint Twitter tool. Is it a reflection what best they could do in the area of social collaboration? While we know that SAP and Microsoft have aligned, the PowerPoint Twitter tool would have looked better coming from Microsoft.

Conversations with industry contacts continue to suggest that Web 2.0 and social collaboration tools are a game changer, yet the large enterprise vendors like Oracle and SAP are slow. The slowness is not on account of their size, but their arrogance. Larry Ellison’s ridicule of the cloud is well known and this attitude percolates down many layers below in the organization claims that SAP is nowhere to be seen as a viable competition. Seems SAP has been busy building the PowerPoint Twitter tool. One the other hand, is busy launching the Salesforce Chatter, while ex-Facebook employees are solving issues are around enterprise productivity via the newly funded Asana.

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