Monday, November 23, 2009

Trouble for iPhones in India, Vodafone stopped selling iPhones in India

Visited an iStore and found from the store employees that Vodafone has no longer been selling the iPhone in India for the last 6 months. Sounds strange but then that's what they say. Is this an indication of how bad it is for the iPhone in India?

Some other interesting insights from the visit
  • Bharti Airtel is the only operator sells the iPhone in India
  • Only 8 GB phones are now sold
  • 16 GB phones sold in India are jail broken phone being passed of as authentic stuff. Find this very strange, but then thats what was told. 
  • iStore employee were actively encouraging potential customers to jail break the iPhone to use the phone with other operators. (They were clear that while they would give all the information they would not do it)
  • iStore had zero stock and they suggested that it would be better if we went directly to the Airtel store
  • One really interesting observation, the portrait to landscape view works only for the SMS, browser and a few other apps. It does not work for most of the apps. We had missed out on this one earlier. 
  • iStores corporate relationship with Airtel helps them get unlimited data usage at Rs 99 per month.
  • The only form of subsidy provided to iPhone users by Airtel is 500MB of monthly data usage for the first one year

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