Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Linkedin + Blogs or Facebook + Blogs: The next thing in Blogs

As Twitter grew approximately 10x from 5+ million in 2008 end to a current number of 50+ million users, it seemed that all interest had turned towards microblogging, while the bloggers did not seem interesting enough.

Blogs are pieces of one's online social identity that are disconneted from social networks. While one can definitely show one's Tweet on a Blog. Alternatively they can tweet when a new blog is published. Yet, the blog stands out slightly disconneted from the social networks.
The next round of innovation in blogs will be a tighter integration between say a Facebook wall or a Linkedin profile with ones blog. This integration would definitely be better than the existing RSS feeds, the basic URL or the limited APIs which are available.

It would be nice to have a well rounded online social identity where peices of information from ones social networks and posts on the blog integrate better and complement each other.

This should be the next milestone for the blogging providers to achieve as they get comfortable with the idea of thrving in an envioronment where micro-blogging creates a larger buzz.

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